Timelapse Collection Australia

An incredible stock footage collection for a one-off price of $ 50.

Amongst the highlights are the Opera House, Federation Square, City Skylines of both Sydney and Melbourne.

64 high quality Timelapses

Also included: Darling Harbour, sunset, beaches, nightlife, birds-eye views of both cities, a variety of nature views.

High Quality Encoding

Encoded with H264. They are extremely gradeable, crispy sharp shots. Check out the trailer below to see a graded version!

Please note: this trailer has been graded.

Simple License

One time fee. Unlimited usage for any scale of commercial project. As long as you don't blatantly resell them everything is fine. If you have any questions, send me a message and I'll get back to you super quickly.

7GB Download

You get a link to a ZIP file that expires after 14 days. If you ever need to download the collection again, I can reactivate the link for you any time.

265-bit SSL Encryption

The payment process is very secure. Credit card handling is done via Stripe, a trusted and secure payment provider. All I get is your e-mail address to mail you the download link.

Start downloading in 60 seconds

You will receive an e-mail with a download link within 60 seconds after purchasing. If you have a fast connection speed, this baby could be in your NLE within 30 minutes!

See them all!

Want to truly see what you're getting? Check out this thumbnail grid for a real overview.

Also available in 5K!

For any cinema production, a select number of shots can be made available in glorious 5K+ resolution. Since the shots originate from high quality stills, they are extremely high in quality and will hold up in any size production. Please contact me for arrangements.

Ready to purchase?

Want to know the story?

In 2010 I spent a year in Australia. During my time there, I photographed timelapses in dozens of locations. It was simply a rewarding way to pass the time.

The footage sat on a hard drive for about three years. I only ever used it once, for personal work. That was my only intention at the time. Then people started e-mailing me about the footage, so I tried to find an easy way to make it available to them.

Initially I tried stock footage websites, but found that they have very restrictive licensing and convoluted moderation processes. I would have had to split up the collection into tiny chunks so every penny could be squeezed from them.

I want to keep the collection together. I want to offer people an affordable package that does away with restrictive and complicated licensing. Most of all, I want to see these out in the world rather than sitting on a shelf. So I've decided I don't really want to make money on these so long as they are out in the world. The price helps to cover my server costs and buys me a coffee, not much more.

Please enjoy and feel free to contact me with any questions or feedback!